Abkürzungen Nachrichtentechnik Englisch

Abkürzungen Nachrichtentechnik Englisch
AN =  Access Node 
APC =  angled physical contact
ATM =  Asynchronous Transfer Mode 
BER = Bit Error Rate
B-PON =  Broadband PON
CDM =  Code Division Multiplexing
CO =  Central Office
COT =  Central Office Terminal
CPE =  Customer Premises Equipment
CSA =  Carrier Serving Area
CTS =  Common Technical Specification
DBA =  Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment
DP-QPSK = Dual-polarization quadrature phase shift keying 
DSL =  Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM =  Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DWDM =  Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
EF = encircled flux
EFM =  Ethernet in the First Mile (IEEE 802.3ah)
EMI =  Electromagnetic Interference
EMS =  Element Management System
EOC =  Embedded Operations Channel
E-PON =  Ethernet PON
FDF =  Fiber Distribution Frame
FDH =  Fiber Distribution Hub
FDI =  Feeder-Distribution Interface
FEC =  Forward Error Correction
FER = Frame Error Rate
FITL =  Fiber In The Loop
FOT =  Fiber Optic Terminal
FSAN =  Full Service Access Network
FTTB =  Fiber-to-the-Business
FTTC =  Fiber-to-the-Curb
FTTCab =  Fiber-to-the-Cabinet
FTTH =  Fiber-to-the-Home
FTTN =  Fiber-to-the-Node (or Neighborhood)
FTTP =  Fiber-to-the-Premises (includes FTTH and FTTB)
GEM =  G-PON Encapsulation Mode
GE-PON =  a commercialized E-PON
GFP =  Generic Framing Procedure
G-PON =  Giga-bit PON (G.984.x series)
HCS = Hard clad silica fiber
ILEC =  Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
IOR = index of refraction
LAN = Local Area Networks
LMD = launched modal distribution
LSA = least squares average
LSPM =  light source and power meter
LU =  Living Unit
MAC =  Media Access Control
MAN = Metropolitian Area Networks
MDF =  Main Distribution Frame
MMF = multimode optical fibre
MOCA =  Multimedia Over Coax
NID =  Network Interface Device 
NT =  Network Termination
OAM =  Operations, Administration and Maintenance
ODN =  Optical Distribution Network
OLT =  Optical Line Termination
OMCC =  ONT Management and Control Channel
OMCI =  ONT Management and Control Interface
ONT =  Optical Network Termination
ONU =  Optical Network Unit
OOK = On-Off-Keying
OSP =  Outside Plant
OSS =  Operations Support System
OTDR =  optical time domain reflectometer
P2MP =  Point to Multi-Point 
P2P =  Point to Point 
PCS = Plastic clad silica fiber
PFOC =  Passive Fiber Optic Component 
PLOAM =  Physical Layer Operations, Administration, and Maintenance 
PMD =  Polarization Mode Dispersion
POF = Polymer optical fibre
PON =  Passive Optical Network
POTS =  Plain Old Telephone Service
PSK = Phase-shift keying
QoS =  Quality of Service
QPSK = Quadrature phase-shift keying
RX =  Receiver
SAC =  Serving Area Concept
SAI =  Serving Area Interface
SAN = Storage Area Networks
SDH = Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SMF = singlemode optical fibre
SONET =  Synchronous Optical Network
STB =  Set-Top Box
TA =  Terminal Adapter
TDM =  Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA =  Time Division Multiple Access
TE =  Terminal Equipment
TX =  Transmitter
TXR =  Transceiver (Transmitter and Receiver) 
VF =  Voice Frequency
VoIP =  Voice over IP
WAN = Wide Area Networks
WDM =  Wavelength Division Multiplexing